Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is in the stable, Part 1.

The pneumonia is slowly leaving my body and it is becoming much easier to breathe on a daily basis. I have been trying to stay inside and get as much rest as I can. Work sometimes makes that difficult. The lack of riding inside or out is really starting to drag on me. Soon enough though.

The bike that I have had the longest now is a 200t Giant TCR C2. It is a compact carbon frame that fits me just about perfectly. This bike has been riding on at least 4 editions of TOSRV, and has been ridden in about every state between here and Florida. It is a great bike. Nice all carbon, Shimano Ultregra and Time pedals. I have made some updates along the way. FSA compact carbon cranks, Bontrager Race Lite Wheelset, Ritchey stem among many others. The smoothness in this frame is amazing. It makes most roads silk.

The Time pedals were the only complaint that I had about this bike from day one. They seemed as though they did not allow as much float as I required for comfort. I quickly replaced those with Speedplay X Pedals. The Speedplay pedals were amazing. I used them for a couple of years before switching to Crank Brothers. These pedals are also great. Maye not for the kind of riding that I do on this bike, but still great pedals.

It seems to me that Giant hit a home run with this frame and the subsequent carbon frames that they have put out.

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