Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April showers bring May......showers

Is it ever gong to stop raining in central Ohio?  We did have a nice weekend.  The rain did hold off until overnight or late afternoon, well other than Sunday.  May 7 should have seen me lining up to ride ride to Portsmouth and back the next day.  Instead go north a couple of blocks to the North Market for the spring edition of the Market to Market ride  This is a great bike path tour.  It stretches the 13 miles from downtown at the North Market to the Hills Market in Worthington and then returns along the same path.  I started at the North Market, enjoyed a nice breakfast of muffins, quiche coffee and orange juice, all included in the $15 entry fee, along with a great t-shirt.  Once you arrive at the Hills Market.  It is samples galore.  This is definitely a weight gain ride. 

Tuesday my lifelong buddy Bill was in town and we did a little more urban and path riding.  Three Creeks to downtown up to Huntington Park and watched a little of the Clippers game, before heading back to Bexley for dinner.  After finishing dinner and picking up the pace a little we made it back to the car just as the sun was setting.  Nice day and a great 26 mile evening ride.  On a side note the Clippers gave up a 6-0 lead and lost 10-7.  There are still in first place though.

Lat Saturday was the first trip of the year to Johnstown to ride the bike path there.  this is a nice path with sections that are in need of major maintenance.  But it is a great path and out and back was 30 miles.  Dodged rain and hail for a while on the way back, but a fun ride.  Sunday was the Ride your bike to Taco Trucks.  I skipped because of the never ending rain.  Looks like a fun one.  Ray George, lets do this one again.

Last night, Tuesday, I met other riders at the Franklinton Cycle Works and we rode to Elevator Brewery for the Ride the Elevator, a fundraiser for FCW.  A total of 75+ showed up for the beer and ride.

 All in all not a bad couple of weeks in the recovery from the winter pneumonia.  Mileage is starting increase, depending on the weather anyway.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It has been along time.

I made it all the way to the first of May before I made my fourth post.  Almost four months.  Damn I am terrible at this.

The pneumonia that affected my over the winter hung on for a lot longer than I ever expected.  I have finally been able to get out much more.  The miles have been becoming easier each day.  Unfortunately though the TOSRV challenge is out for the year.  No TOSRVs at all this year.  Market to Market is this coming Saturday, not a long or difficult ride, short and all on the bike path, but great fun, great food.

I finished the 30 Days of Biking.  It was not nearly as successful as I had hoped.  I rode 24 out of the 30 days.  I did not track mileage closely.  I did a couple of 20 mile rides but most ended up being neighborhood rides, damn rain.

I went for a nice 12 miler tonight on the bike path.  I rode with Rhonda for the first time since last summer.  I don't feel the stress riding with her that I feel with others.  I did use the Garmin 705 for the first time tonight.  Time to figure out how to download it now and start getting the rides on a map my ride type of website.

Over the next couple of post I will try to catch up on several of the rides that I have done, some of the equipment that I have used, and some more of my bikes.