Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Happy New Year

I always have trouble with finding a beginning when I write. That sentence that will start , describe, hook the reader into staying around for more than the title. Much the same with the new year is deciding how to start the changes that I need to make in my life to make this year better than the previous editions.

Looking back at 2010 I don't know that I am disappointed with the way the year turned out but with the small things during the year. Work has never been fulfilling in any way. At least I have a job. Riding last year was without motivation or enthusiasm. Although there were several rides that stood out and will become yearly rides, hopefully anyway.

This year started with me battling pneumonia. Stuck on the coach on a rainy January 1. It is looking like my fist goal of the year may be out of reach. I had hoped for a nice ride to start the year. In shot I did make it out. One mile on the first day of the year. It did hurt, but I got it in.

So what am I going to do this year. I hope to do all three versions of TOSRV. TOSRV South, the original TOSRV and TOSRV West. The southern version will take me to Tallahassee, Florida during late April. Then The Columbus to Portsmouth ride on mother's Day weekend. And finally a nice long ride trip to Missoula, Montana for a two day ride in the Swan River Valley.

The night rides are next on the list. Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus and Detroit. I was able to attend Indianapolis and the first edition of the Columbus ride last year. I was disappointed not to make it to Chicago or Detroit.

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal stretches 185 miles from Washington DC to Cumberland, MD. This year I will ride from Cumberland to DC. Two days maybe three, I have not yet decided. But I am definitely looking forward to riding that bike path.

There are many other rides along the way that are already marked on the calendar for the upcoming year. Many local and a few others out of state. Indiana, West Virgina and Maryland, maybe Virginia too. I am already registered for the Warrior Dash. A three mile cross country obstacle course in Logan, Ohio. It looks like it will be a fun day.

I finally joined a club this year. Team Cyclist Connection. We have nice personalized Jerseys. Cyclist Connection is a great local bike shop in Canal Winchester. They are very supportive of the local racing and riding scene.

I have also obtained a new GoPro camera this year. Thanks Mom! Hopefully once I get it figured out there will be some great pictures and videos.

Well one day down. One mile down.

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