Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April showers bring May......showers

Is it ever gong to stop raining in central Ohio?  We did have a nice weekend.  The rain did hold off until overnight or late afternoon, well other than Sunday.  May 7 should have seen me lining up to ride ride to Portsmouth and back the next day.  Instead go north a couple of blocks to the North Market for the spring edition of the Market to Market ride  This is a great bike path tour.  It stretches the 13 miles from downtown at the North Market to the Hills Market in Worthington and then returns along the same path.  I started at the North Market, enjoyed a nice breakfast of muffins, quiche coffee and orange juice, all included in the $15 entry fee, along with a great t-shirt.  Once you arrive at the Hills Market.  It is samples galore.  This is definitely a weight gain ride. 

Tuesday my lifelong buddy Bill was in town and we did a little more urban and path riding.  Three Creeks to downtown up to Huntington Park and watched a little of the Clippers game, before heading back to Bexley for dinner.  After finishing dinner and picking up the pace a little we made it back to the car just as the sun was setting.  Nice day and a great 26 mile evening ride.  On a side note the Clippers gave up a 6-0 lead and lost 10-7.  There are still in first place though.

Lat Saturday was the first trip of the year to Johnstown to ride the bike path there.  this is a nice path with sections that are in need of major maintenance.  But it is a great path and out and back was 30 miles.  Dodged rain and hail for a while on the way back, but a fun ride.  Sunday was the Ride your bike to Taco Trucks.  I skipped because of the never ending rain.  Looks like a fun one.  Ray George, lets do this one again.

Last night, Tuesday, I met other riders at the Franklinton Cycle Works and we rode to Elevator Brewery for the Ride the Elevator, a fundraiser for FCW.  A total of 75+ showed up for the beer and ride.

 All in all not a bad couple of weeks in the recovery from the winter pneumonia.  Mileage is starting increase, depending on the weather anyway.

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